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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Filing for Bankruptcy Isn’t Anything to be Ashamed Of

For most Americans, one of the most dreaded experiences is declaring bankruptcy. But what many people fear more than the financial repercussions is the social stigma: the sense of feeling like a failure or looking foolish. But the reality is that bankruptcy can and does happen to anyone, including some of the most competent, accomplished,…
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How Marriage Impacts the Florida Homestead Property Tax Exemption

Marriage is almost always followed by homeownership, which is why married couples in Florida (including since January 6, same-sex couples) enjoy special privileged in this regard – namely the unique legal status of Tenants By The Entirety (TBTE). Granted automatically when couples become Grantees of a deed, TBTE gives each spouse overlapping, 100 percent interest…
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Nearly 40 Percent of South Florida Residents Struggle With High Debt

Although South Florida has come a long way since the Great Recession – and is thankfully projected to continue improving – it is still struggling with the legacy of the housing crasher. The region has a higher-than-average rate of debt in collections, with a large percentage of homeowners unable to obtain mortgages and other necessary…
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