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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Another Year of Bankruptcy Declines

We have some good news to report in regards to bankruptcy today.  Bankruptcy filings saw another consecutive year of decreases, dropping by just over eleven percent compared to January 2015.  The consecutive decline represents the fifth straight year that filings have been on a downward trend since 2011 when the record total was 201,838 filings. …
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Understanding the New Federal Bankruptcy Forms

Last year we discussed the changes being made to the federal bankruptcy forms, designed to make the paperwork much easier to understand.  The changes officially went into effect on December 1st but there may still be some lingering questions about why they were changed in the first place or how they may affect the filing…
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Changing Your Lifestyle After Bankruptcy

There is a certain sense of liberty that comes with filing for bankruptcy and completing the process, knowing you now have a clean slate to start fresh and make better decisions as you rebuild your financial future.  There are significant changes that need to be adopted in your lifestyle following bankruptcy, here are a few…
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