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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Credit Cards and Post Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy will result in a major dent on your credit score, but it doesn’t mean you can never apply for a credit card again.  Yes, receiving approval will be considerably harder, but the policies vary by lender and each creditor has its factors that determine your eligibility that include but are not necessary…
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Listing of Therapy Research Paper Topics

Some learners have trouble with every phase of writing a speech or an essay, to arranging a top level view from doing research, from publishing the release to in conclusion. Individuals that are additional only have a problem with onestep: selecting a topic. After they have a topic, they could think of article or a…
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Tips for Tax Season

The deadline for filing your 2015 taxes is right around the corner, on April 18.  This period can be stressful, and it’s further exacerbated if you’re planning on filing for bankruptcy.  You’ll definitely want to make sure you file on time, especially if your plans are to apply your refund towards the fees associated with…
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Living Within Your Means

It’s very easy to become competitive.  If you happen to have friends or neighbors that like to brag about their yearly vacations, their new state of the art audio system, or their lavish wedding, you may be tempted to try and live up to this standard.  Attempting to outdo or present yourself in a light…
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