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2016resolutionDecember is here and 2015 will soon be coming to a close.  Depending on what your financial plans are, you may be considering starting 2016 with a fresh slate, free of the financial situation you may be currently facing.  Some goals may include finally being able to put aside money for retirement, for example.  Regardless of your plans, here are a few ways to make the new a more hopeful and inspiring one.

If you’re looking to become debt free, it’s wise to be proactive. The sooner you can start bankruptcy counseling, the quicker you can determine what your best options are and determine whether or not bankruptcy is the best option.  The sooner you file, the more time you have to develop a new budget and financial plan to manage your debt while seeing some of these debts discharged before the new year.

Practically everyone makes new year resolutions, why not come up with some that can help you remain focused on your personal or financial goals?  For example, you may wish to travel more.  Travel requires a significant amount of money so you could, for instance, decide to make a resolution where five percent of your paycheck will be put into a travel fund.  By relating your resolutions with your financial goals, there are fewer odds of feeling trapped or worried about your finances.

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