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Make that 130 laws, to be exact. Florida is kicking off the start of July with a slew of new legal and regulatory changes that cover everything from buying U.S. flags to filling beer mugs – and certainly much more. Here is a brief but informative highlight.

SB 2500A, the spending plan for the fiscal year, is the largest in state history, totaling $78.2 billion. Approved in a June special session, this package includes more funding of public schools, universities, and colleges; a financial boost to the Agency of Persons with Disabilities; and major infrastructure improvement (namely the repair or replacement of 110 bridges).

The budget also sets aside $38.5 million for the protection of the state’s natural springs, and puts $15 million into Florida Forever, an initiative that preserve’s natural resources and habitats. Though it falls short of what supporters had in mind, it is something.

The aforementioned law regarding U.S. flags is HB 225, officially called the “All-American Flag Act.” It requires that U.S. and Florida flags purchased by any Florida jurisdictions in after Jan. 1, 2016 be made from materials grown, produced, and manufactured domestically. Quite the patriotic gesture.

Another new law sure to be popular is SB 264, which not only forbids local law-enforcement agencies from implementing infamous ticket quotas, but requires local governments to submit reports to the state government if traffic-ticket revenues cover more than 33 percent of operating costs for their departments.

SB 186 ends the state’s ban on brewers being able to fill 64-ounce beer containers known as “growlers” for off-site consumption. Another alcohol-related law, SB 596, allows craft distillers to sell up to two factory-sealed bottles of each product directly to each of their customers visiting the vendor.

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