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StartLet’s say you’ve recently re-emerged from declaring bankruptcy, or you’re looking to boost your income each month and have some room to breathe when it comes to your bills and other expenses.  An option you may wish to consider is launching a small business.  Now most people assume that starting a business requires a significant amount of money, but you can potentially build the foundations of a new business with as little as $1,000.  Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

If you’re particularly skilled in a subject, tutoring can cost you anywhere from zero to about $700 in startup costs and the minimum amount of materials you’d likely need are a laptop, word processing software and high-speed Internet access.  College students, for example, are often willing to pay up to $50 an hour for assistance in a subject.  If you manage to take on several clients, this can provide a substantial amount of income per week.

The summer season is coming to an end soon, but in Fort Lauderdale everyone wants to look their best when going to the beach.  Just like a tutor, you may need very little money to get started as a personal trainer.  Experienced personal trainers can charge up to $100 an hour, offsetting the initial costs of startup which typically include certification and liability insurance.

Creative types who would prefer to do most of their business online may want to look into an online jewelry boutique.  Jewelry remains one of the top selling products online and stores like Etsy make it easy to get started if you’d prefer not to deal with setting up your website, though you’ll want to look into the restrictions.

These three examples of small businesses you can start are only a sample of other options you may wish to explore like tailoring, photography, or being an in-home companion.  If you’d like more information on bankruptcy, contact a Fort Lauderdale bankruptcy attorney or a Fort Lauderdale bankruptcy lawyer for any questions or concerns you may have.