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Living in South Florida, it is essential during the months of August through November to keep that Hurricane preparedness supply list handy.  In the span of just one week, we were faced with 4 named storms, following the potentially damaging one that turned into Hurricane Isaac. Fortunately, we were spared its wrath and the massive flooding that the folks in hurricane-path Louisiana received.

Like a hurricane, a personal financial disaster can culminate into the perfect storm of insurmountable debt, possible home foreclosure and economic ruin for any family.  The problems may brew for a long time or can arise suddenly with loss of employment, catastrophic illness, accident or failed personal business.  No matter how these elements come together, a family may be faced with a decision to seek debt relief through personal bankruptcy, an event for which they had no forecast or warning to help them prepare.

Check List

Be Prepared

If you, or someone you know is facing this kind of financial turmoil, a professional bankruptcy attorney can advise on how to weather the process.  In personal bankruptcy it is important to have a checklist to be prepared, just like a hurricane.  This bankruptcy firm recommends the following items on your “Get Ready List when you make an appointment for a consultation:

  • Personal contact information
  • Homestead status
  • Rent or Mortgage amount
  • Rent/Utility Deposits
  • IRS Rufund/Taxes Owed
  • Pension
  • Life Insurance
  • Student Loan Debts
  • Vehicle Make/Model/Lien
  • Car Payments
  • Pending Lawsuits
  • Value of Jewelry and other assets
  • Checking/Savings/Business Bank Account information

Make the Call, Make the Decision, Be Prepared.

By Raysa I. Rodriguez, Esq.