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bankruptcyChangesThere is a certain sense of liberty that comes with filing for bankruptcy and completing the process, knowing you now have a clean slate to start fresh and make better decisions as you rebuild your financial future.  There are significant changes that need to be adopted in your lifestyle following bankruptcy, here are a few to consider.

It’s very tempting to slip back into old habits following bankruptcy like eating out too much or going over your entertainment budget.  You should take the time to sit down and figure out how to live within your means.  Decrease payments where possible and get rid of payments that you don’t need.

Stay away from using money that you don’t have.  In other words, learn to pay for most, if not all things in cash.  Take out a certain amount from your paycheck that you can set aside as spending money.  Having the cash on hand will allow you to take a moment and determine what you have to spend.  Having available cash also reduces the odds of feeling tempted to swipe your card.

Prioritizing prompt bill payments, creating a budget that is feasible and you can stick to, and making efforts to put aside money towards your savings—however small—are all positive lifestyle changes.

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