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Category Archives: Family hardship

What to Expect When Filing for Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can be a challenging process.  Since federal bankruptcy laws supervise the majority of the bankruptcy process, the general steps are similar to all other states.  Despite that, Florida does have a few state specific laws that need to also be followed.  Furthermore, the state of Florida has specific exemptions, mainly because federal…
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Common Financial Planning Challenges Consumers Face

Today’s economy can make financial planning very challenging.  Prices for products continue to increase at a high rate, while pay rates are increasing at a much slower rate, thus, making financial planning quite difficult for consumers.  Below are some other common financial challenges that many consumers face. Living Paycheck to Paycheck: The main issue seems…
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Tips for Preventing Bankruptcy

No one wants to file for bankruptcy.  In spite of this, when a person is in debt it can seem quite overpowering and filing for bankruptcy can seem like the only option available.  Some things that an individual can do to make sure they never have to go through the tedious bankruptcy process in the…
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