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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Bankruptcy and Homeownership

When dealing with bankruptcy, homeownership is part of the process.  If someone is filing for bankruptcy, chances are they cannot make the monthly mortgage payments.  However, if a debtor misses a payment, they do not have the option to surrender their home as a means of making up for the missed payments, even if a…
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All about the New Bankruptcy Forms

Every year, changes and additions are made to the way bankruptcy cases are handled, dictated by a set of rules stated in the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure.  These changes are devised by an advisory committee consisting of individuals like bankruptcy attorneys and federal judges.  In some cases, changes are also made to the official…
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What Defines Fraud?

Fraud is not something all that unusual in bankruptcy filings as many people do try and defraud their creditors.  Since the fresh start of bankruptcy isn't available in such a scenario, the question then becomes: how is fraud defined?  An upcoming Supreme Court case will be evaluating that very question. The case in question involves…
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Bankruptcy and Co-Signers

Having a co-signer can be tremendously beneficial when you're applying for a loan.  It can often help you if your credit score is low or if you're just starting to build your credit.  With that in mind, a co-signer is placing him or herself at risk, especially if the other person runs into money troubles. …
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