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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Bankruptcy Tips for Those Considering It

If you're facing bankruptcy, you'll want to try and focus on the challenges that are ahead of you and take existing measures to deal with those issues.  Bankruptcy is not necessarily the correct or best solution for everyone nor will it necessarily help everyone who files for it. The American Bankruptcy Institute suggests that bankruptcy…
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Debunking the Myths of Bankruptcy

There are a lot of negative connotations associated with bankruptcy and because it's a touchy subject, many who are facing bankruptcy don't take the time to explore fully what it's all about, what it means, and the aspects of it that are not true. To put it simply, bankruptcy is a legal status for someone…
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Applying for a Small Business Loan After Bankruptcy

An important thing to remember if you're facing bankruptcy is that it does not mean you have failed, that's not its intended purpose.  Instead, the U.S. Bankruptcy Code is allowing you or your business to start anew and rebuild. It's not unusual for a business to close after filing for bankruptcy, but choosing to apply…
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Student Loans Affect Multiple Generations

When it's time for college, the average person will have to apply for a student loan to pursue a higher education.  Tuition can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, leaving many people with a looming debt once they've graduated and decide to start building the foundations of their career. Most of the time student loans…
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