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Among the 130 laws recently implemented in the State of Florida, were several pertaining to taxes – an issue of perennial concern to Americans everywhere, especially in famously low-tax Florida. Here are some highlights and how they impact residents.

HB 33A, which was passed during a special session, features a slew of tax cuts on things like gun club memberships, communication services, college textbooks, luxury boat repairs, school extracurricular fundraisers, aviation fuel at select flight-training academies, and more.

Moreover, beginning on August 7, there will be a 10-day sales-tax holiday on a variety of products, including clothing under $100, school supplies worth $15 or less, and the first $750 of personal computer purchases (only for non-commercial use).

Another interesting development is SB 766, which prohibits the use of aerial drones to capture images that could infringe on the privacy of property owners or occupants. In fact, individuals can even take civil action against any person, state agency, or political jurisdiction that violates the law.

Exceptions are set aside for drones used in counterterrorism operations, authorized by police search, utilized by property appraisers for tax assessments, and used by utilities in facility maintenance. Many Realtors are dismayed that their prohibition use drones for property tours – a major trend as of late – seems unchanged (federal law still mostly bans commercial use except for case-by-case authorization).

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