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mothers-dayOn behalf of Bigge & Rodriguez, PA posted in Credit Card Debt on Friday, May 8, 2015.

With Mother’s Day weekend upon us, let’s give a shout out to all the mothers out there who taught us so many things:  love, respect, kindness and responsibility.  Generations and generations of moms everywhere taught their children both directly and indirectly how to make it on their own after leaving the family home to establish a home and family of their own.

Fiscal responsibility, or the adherence to it, is something that may or may have not been ingrained in one’s upbringing.  It’s not something that was taught in most schools, until more recently.  Our older generations are much more conservative and frugal with their earnings, especially those who experienced The Great Depression, and cyclical periods of inflation and recession.  Back in those days you simply didn’t purchase things beyond your means or ability to pay.  Major purchases required one to save up for the purchase.

Today, credit card companies bombard our households with offers of credit, easy payments, high credit limits.  It’s very easy to charge everything everywhere you go, and very difficult to keep track of multiple credit line debts. Then the interest accrues exponentially and suddenly a consumer is faced with a mountain of debt that is spiraling out of control.  If faced with these issues, seek legal counsel for debt consolidation or forgiveness of the debt.  Consult a law firm that limits its practice to consumer bankruptcy.

And to all the moms out there, thank you for all that you do.  Happy Mother’s Day from The Law Offices of Bigge & Rodriguez, 954-400-7322. If you ever need a Fort Lauderdale Bankruptcy Attorney, or Foreclosure Defense Fort Lauderdale, give us a call.